About Us

The Corner Station was a family-run business. The Shells, Katie and Christine (mom and daughter) and beast-of-burden Phil (pop), worked since early 2008 to develop the look of the store and the product offerings. They weren't professionals but a lot of people said the store was fun, or cute, or wonderful or even magical - and that they LOVED the merchandise and prices.
The Shells purchased this great building with a lot of history behind it. The "people" history is a mix of all things found in life - happiness and sadness, accomplishment and disapointment. Someday we hope to tell more about the people in the station's past. In fact, as you look at our logo, our mascot Charlie represented the memory of all the men and women who owned the building and/or worked at the station.

Historically, the building started out as Reece's Service Station in 1921. It was built on an angle to the street and the quality brick facade and sturdy construction seems to say the building was meant to last and be part of this Fairview Utah community for a long time.  Later, Reece's brother-in-law Wendell Christensen took over and most folks remember the place as Wen's Service.  The building was also owned or run by Bert Vance, Dave Boylan, Dave Smith and John Unferdorfer after Wendell retired.

When we began, it took months of scraping grease from the floor,
scrubbing, patching and painting walls, tile laying, more painting, etc. Plus overseeing the work of licensed contractors and friends who helped make the building handicapped accessible, electrically safe and soundly plumbed.

It is possible to nominate the Reece's/Wen's Service and the 1890's Fairview Dairy Association Building, on the same parcel to the rear, to the National Register of Historic Places.

Our family is very grateful for those who have been our friends and supporters since our opening in September of 2008.