Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's crept up on us like a pair of cheap underwear.  Ah, but how comforting to know we have some last minute options at The Corner Station.  We're kind of sad our magnet boards and framed pictures likely won't be here in time for Mother's Day BUT Mom could use a gift certificate later to pick out something great!

Here are some of the fun things we DO have in stock -

  • Tons of great jewelry and some new scarf styles.  More new jewelry and scarves will be out later today (Wednesday) and more will be out later tomorrow too!  Of course they are 20% off.
  • New Cheerful Giver candles in the popular large Beehive Jar, Soy blends with amazing scents and two new "lantern" styles in a patriotic triple layer and citronella.  (We've already seen gigantor mosquitos out!)  The previous stock of large candles is marked down to $17.95 from $21.95
  • A fun selection of porcelain and china plates, itty bowls, trinket boxes and more.  All porcelain $10 and up is 20% off too!
  • Family sayings, Cabin plaques, beautiful floral and bird canvasses and desk accessories fit for a queen.
  • And don't forget the $3 display full of great ideas for kids to give mom or nice tokens of appreciation for anyone.  Excellent values and markdowns there!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HALF OFF at The Corner Station!

The difference between a ba-a-a-a-d haircut 
and a good haircut is 2 weeks, right???
No high price "fleecing" for our customers!  In fact, we discount every day and practically GIVE stuff away just to make way for the new.  So, don't be sheepish - come on in for great 1/2 off regular prices on mid-weight scarves, discontinued Bungalow 360 bags and several popular Melissa and Doug items.

The half-off sale is just through this Thursday.  Check out our ON SALE! page for more details!


Monday, March 28, 2011

MARVELOUS MARCH - the end is near :)

We hope Marvelous March has been fun for you.  While the weather was mostly dismal, there were a few sunny, heavenly days in March - and, thanks to our cheerful customers, it was always warm and sunny inside The Corner Station!

By the end of March we will have given away over $700 value in prizes and free gifts plus discount coupons for April!  That's one way we have to let you know that we're working to be a more marvelous shopping experience and resource for you and your family.

Check out the ON SALE! page for this week's sales.

Did you know The Corner Station is a discount store?  We discount our toys, books, puzzles, plush, craft kits, art supplies and games 10-20% off the manufacturers price EVERY DAY.  We don't know of any other store in Utah that does that does that year-round on EVERY item in those categories!  Our Made-in-Utah framed art and magnet boards are almost always 20% off.  Jewelry and scarves are always 20% off regular prices that are already lower than prices in other stores.

PLUS - we don't mark our prices up artificially just to mark them "way down" again so you THINK you're getting a great deal :) 

That is the only way we feel comfortable doing business.  

Our return policy is simple - bring it back if you don't want it within 6 months of purchase (as long as it has not been damaged since it left the store).  If it is defective, bring it back anytime for a refund or exchange.  It helps to have your receipt - otherwise we'll have to refund at the lowest sale price.  BUT, since we are a small, local business, we can probably figure out or remember what you paid for the item.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Thanks for your support and for helping us grow.  Stay tuned for LOL LAMBS in April and CHRISTMAS IN JULY projects we can start now to pitch in to help the Sanpete County Sub-for-Santa effort in 2011.  Last year was an uphill battle to take care of all the kids in need.  This year, we'll want to get started earlier - and in a pretty painless way - to handle the need.  Hope you'll join with us!  Contact Katie for more information.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We're on week FOUR of Marvelous March and it has been fun giving things away and watching our followers grow a bit!  Thanks to all who have joined us or participated on this blog and on Facebook.  "Experts" tell us traditional print and radio advertising doesn't work as well as it used to.  Why not put that advertising money into giveaways to help spread the word AND make people happy in the process?!?

This Saturday, we'll give away a $25 gift certificate to Utopia Salon here in Fairview.  Ashley Lee opened Utopia a few months ago and I've been wanting to spruce myself up there ever since.  I finally made the time and will go in later this week.  The building is one of my favorites.  I think it used to be the jail back in the day.  It is a tiny stone building just West of Highway 89 on Center Street.  My hair is a crime so it's good I'll get a two hour incarceration there to rehabilitate it :)

We'll also give away THREE $25 gift certificates to The Corner Station this Saturday as well.  You can enter by helping us grow in any way - come in the store and put your entry in the jar, send a friend our way and let us know, comment or like us on facebook or comment on or follow this blog!

Check out our ON SALE! page for more details on this week's sales.  Bunnies are discounted this week and tons of other things too.  NEW MARK STEEL sterling styles are in and new toys and jewelry on the way!

Oh - we still have a few BEE MARVELOUS gift with $20 purchase notepads and bounce back coupons.  Get yours while they last!  One per person please.

DO YOU HAVE ANY COPYRIGHT FREE PHOTOS OF SHEEP OR LAMBS????  We're hoping to have some riotous fun with them next month.  Tee Hee!  Hope you like our idea.  Anyway, if you don't mind sharing photos of sheep or lambs where we can see their faces, we'd sure appreciate it.  

Friday, March 18, 2011


FLASH SALE!!! This Friday, Saturday & Monday only! Print out or mention this post and get a coupon good for 30% off the regular price of any ONE (non-consignment) item in stock OR an extra 10% off your entire purchase! Good these 3 days only.  Expires Monday, March 21st.  Gift wrapping may be delayed during the sale.

This is only advertised on Facebook and this blog so you may want to tell your friends and please MAKE SURE YOU MENTION THE POST.  This is how we test our advertising and thank our faithful blog and facebook followers - so we won't offer the discount unless you mention the ad or ask for the coupon.

If something is already on sale the extra 10% will apply to the sale or clearance price so if you've had your eye on something, NOW is the time!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sorry Friends, I almost missed this week but there is still time to get another entry or two in for Saturday's drawing.  We'll be giving away -
  • A Mary Kay gift bag with a $25 Mary Kay gift certificate in it!  Mary Kay has surely changed since my younger years - with many all new, innovative makeup and skin care.
  • One pedicure at Ashley's Tips N Toes here in Fairview.
  • Two $25 Corner Station Gift Certificates
Four winners this Saturday!!  Get an entry for every time you participate on Facebook, this blog or in-store.

This week on Facebook we also gave away two gift certificates to the first two people to respond.  That was fun!  Although we are not done listing our products on the web we really need to test the site and get some feedback - get the bugs out. 

And speaking of BUGS - last week's sale was for the birds, this week is for the bugs! Anything that IS a BUG or has a bug ON it, or IN it (bee, dragonfly, worm, butterfly, cricket, etc.) is 20% off regular price. That is still a lot of stuff - even our Bee-Balm lotions & soaps and many new Spring items!

We also have a bit 'O St Patrick's decor left at 40% off!  So you can bring in some low-cost blarney.


All Melissa and Doug in-stock  puzzles, sleeping bags, and play kitchens are 30% off! 

Melissa and Doug build it yourself playhouses are 40% off!

Mark Steel and all other sterling is 30% off!

Clearance scarves are 33% off

Monday, March 7, 2011

Marvelous March continues with more great sales and giveaways!!

Marvelous March is for the birds!  - and this week, anything with a bird on it or in it, anything that IS a bird, or anything a bird lives in or broods on is 20% off!

The giveaways for this week will be 2 $ 30 gas gift cards and 2 $25 gift cards!  FOUR winners drawn this Saturday!

Check out our EVENTS page for more about MARVELOUS MARCH and

Go to the ON SALE page of this blog for savings of 30% to 40%!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So, what is this Marvelous March we keep talking about?  Ya know, we REALLY want and need the store to be MARVELOUS!  We have tons of ideas and plans and - and - and - well, they're happening . . . slowly, but they're happening.  The "dead" time of the year is great for making improvements.  So we've been painting and staining and trade-show-ing and shuffling and cleaning and clearancing and web-ing and tightning . . . all in that quest to be marvelous.

We hope you'll approve of the changes, like -

Upgrading our website so you and far-away friends and family can shop online.  Then, a last-minute gift is just a click and a few hours away for that forgetful Aunt.  Grandma can shop online from Kalamazoo for her little one in Fairview.  The gift can be wrapped and ready for pickup ASAP!  Customers can also send gift ideas online.

A focus on gifts under $5 or $10.  Hopefully it will now be easier to find a little pick-me-up for a neighbor or sad friend or an affordable birthday gift for your child's classmate, or a small thank-you for teacher.

A bit more information and fun online and in-store.   More information about new products and even other local businesses.   This new blog to follow and more Facebook updates.  More Corner Station giveaways, contests, sales and coupons.

New Products

A better organized store and website - more to come!!

Get an entry each time for - following our blog; sending a friend to the blog, website, store or facebook page; commenting on facebook; reviewing us on any online source; coming in the store; visiting our website or just about any other way to help spread the word about The Corner Station and helping us be marvelous!  Your efforts stay in the drawing bowl all month long.

WEEK 1  -  drawing at 6pm, Saturday, March 5th
  1. Tickets for two to the Northbend Entertainers dinner theater production of  Blithe Spirit !  Enjoy a delicious and, perhaps, romantic dinner for two and a Noel Coward comedy in the newly renovated Lionel L. and Clista Lasson Peterson Dance Hall!  Friday, March 11th at 7:00pm. (a $50 value)
  2. One of two $20 gift certificates to The Corner Station to be used as you wish.
The winners for week 1 are;  
Mary Cox - two dinner theater tickets
Heidi Johnson {there are two Heidi Johnson's - I left a message on your cell phone Heidi}- a $20 Corner Station gift certificate
Shauna Rawlinson - a $20 Corner Station gift certificate. 

WEEK 2 - drawing at 6pm, Saturday, March 12th 
  1. One of two $30 gift cards for GAS at Combos gas station
  2. One of two $25 gift cards to use at!
WEEK 3 - drawing at 6pm, Saturday, March 19th
  1. Something to pamper you.  Wait and see :)
  2. One of three $20 gift certificates to The Corner Station to be used as you wish.
  3. PLUS - get a free BEE MARVELOUS notepad with a $20 purchase - while 100 last, one per customer please, beginning Monday, March 21st.
WEEK 4 - drawing at 6pm, Saturday, March 26th
  1. TBA - yup, something good
  2. One of three $25 gift cards to use at
  3. Tasty treats all week long.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a FLASH SALE at The Corner Station

ZIP, ZAP, WHOOSH!!!  The Corner Station is having it's first FLASH SALE!!!   (Boy, doesn't that sound soooo tekkie??)  Print out this coupon and bring it in now through Saturday (you can also mention the sale in-store) and pick up one of our GREAT Melissa and Doug or Innovative Kids products at a steal of a price!   Kid's LOVE Melissa and Doug!!