Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's crept up on us like a pair of cheap underwear.  Ah, but how comforting to know we have some last minute options at The Corner Station.  We're kind of sad our magnet boards and framed pictures likely won't be here in time for Mother's Day BUT Mom could use a gift certificate later to pick out something great!

Here are some of the fun things we DO have in stock -

  • Tons of great jewelry and some new scarf styles.  More new jewelry and scarves will be out later today (Wednesday) and more will be out later tomorrow too!  Of course they are 20% off.
  • New Cheerful Giver candles in the popular large Beehive Jar, Soy blends with amazing scents and two new "lantern" styles in a patriotic triple layer and citronella.  (We've already seen gigantor mosquitos out!)  The previous stock of large candles is marked down to $17.95 from $21.95
  • A fun selection of porcelain and china plates, itty bowls, trinket boxes and more.  All porcelain $10 and up is 20% off too!
  • Family sayings, Cabin plaques, beautiful floral and bird canvasses and desk accessories fit for a queen.
  • And don't forget the $3 display full of great ideas for kids to give mom or nice tokens of appreciation for anyone.  Excellent values and markdowns there!

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